Saturday, June 24, 2006

What can cause my teeth to get ugly?

So here is a quick resume of what can cause your teeth to be ugly or simply no as white as you would want.
Tetracycline staining which is an antibiotic and shoul be used with careful in young ages especially Excessive fluoride. Some countries have really high % of fluoride in they drinking water and that can cause dental fluorosis which leaves white spots at the teeths
Dental caries...Of course! The acid from the bacterias will desmineralize the tooth and change its colour
Trauma (injury) to teeth can cause a enamel defect and cause spots etc etc
Pulp (nerve) degeneration, necrosis of the teeth can also cause stains
Restorative materials such as amalgam, or old filling can be stained as the time goes by.
Genetic and acquired illnesses, a major variety of them can cause stains at the teeths
Aging, it's normal to our teeth to get darker as we age..
Also as i've mentioned before, changes in the mineral structure, type of food, smoking habits, genetic type of enamel and dentin, low hygiene can cause your teeth to stain.

The dentist should be very careful diagnosing the stain causes, so that he can give the patient the most adequate teeth whitening system for they situation.


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