Friday, April 11, 2008

Britesmile whitening system

Want to know the new secret to sparkling teeth for a beautiful smile?
Then get the innovative Britesmile whitening system for teeth that shine white and whiter! Britesmile whitening system is a terrific innovation for teeth whitening.
Customers are welcome to get their teeth whitened professionally and affordably in a relaxed, massage-like ambience where maximum comfort and minimum hassle is the rule.

It is everyone’s goal to look beautiful, and Britesmile whitening system helps you get the white teeth for a winning smile that will turn heads in awe. And this easy Britesmile whitening technique is definitely heaven compared what you find in the scary dentist’s chair! Britesmile assures you that once you check it out, you will not go back to any other whitening treatment.

The procedure is simple and you never notice that you are actually getting some treatment on your teeth! When you visit a Britesmile center, a specially designed whitening gel is applied gently on your teeth, and this is exposed to a bluish light. This process is repeated twice with an accelerator, after which you can go home with sparkling white teeth! And during the 60 minute process, you can actually chat over the internet or listen to songs! What’s more, you get stunning before and after photos of your teeth to remind you and tell others of your smart decision.

The special formulation ensures that he process remains safe with no harmful after-effects. The bleaching is done in hygienic conditions, with the best facilities for the customer. A few minutes at the Britesmile center and you have white, shining teeth for years of smiling! This efficient procedure is performed by trained dental professionals who care for your comfort. Forget the sensitive tooth syndrome that you get with other bleaching procedures. Forget the harsh hydrogen peroxide; Britesmile uses only 15% of this compound in the bleaching gel. There is hardly any uncomfortable tooth sensitivity with Britesmile. And yes, the gel is totally safe on your gums and tongue, so no harm to the softer tissue. The cool blue light is Britesmile is efficient, but is gentle on your teeth. There isn’t any heat or radiation to worry about. Also, the LED light covers your teeth uniformly, so you get all-round white teeth.

There are several Britesmile centers across the United States where customers can get their teeth bleached by highly qualified professionals. You have the Denver, Beverley Hills, California, Dallas and other Britesmile centers for excellent teeth whitening procedures. If you were looking at Hollywood celebrities flashing their oh-so-beautiful smile at the paparazzi, then you know their secret now!


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