Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings have been around for a number of years now and are a widely accepted part of dentistry. They are used primarily for repairs to teeth with cavities. The procedure involves the dentist cleaning the cavity and filling it with a particular filling. The material used in fillings has changed over the years from silver and gold colored fillings to the aesthetically pleasing porcelain filling. With cosmetic fillings the appearance of the teeth after a filling is usually similar in color to the rest of the teeth around it, so they match the tooth’s enamel. That is what these kinds of fillings bring to dentistry.

Cosmetic fillings are usually of three types,


Porcelain or ceramic filling are made of some mixture of ceramic, glass powder, and porcelain. These kinds of filling as often used as crowns, inlays and onlays, and also veneers. They are also much more resistant to staining that any other type of filling and are easily molded to match your teeth’s color. They are much more long-lasting than other types of filling but are also prone to fracture when stressed. Porcelain fillings are generally much more costly than other forms of fillings.

Composite fillings

This kind of filling is a combination of resins and other small particles that are mixed in a manner so as to capture the teeth’s natural color. This type of filling is not very as long-lasting as Porcelain, it is however much less costly and just as aesthetically pleasing. They are however not ideal for large cavities.


Similar to composite fillings in the way they are made, Ionomers are usually used to do fillings that are close to the gumline.

It is important that to note that the type of cosmetic filling to be used on any patient will be determined by factors such as dental and general health, the types of materials used in a particular filling, and the amount of chewing that will be experienced. You are therefore advised to consult with your dentist in determining which of the different Cosmetic fillings is the best choice for you.


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