Monday, May 12, 2008

Teeth-in-an-hour by Nobel Biocare: a benchmark success in dental technology

Gone are those days when people who have lost their teeth’s at later or early ages have to feel shy when interacting with others.
Due to the absence of teeth’s these people even don’t want to inter-mingle in the society. There was a solution to this and it was artificial tooth implantation. This is the normal process where the dental implants was set into the patients bone and it would have taken months for the patient to recover and get the final ceramic teeth and get accustomed with such an operated set of teeth.

But now there is a better solution to this and it is Teeth-in-an-hour by Nobel Biocare. With this a person devoid of teeth’s can get immediate set of replaced teeth within an hour and can recover immediately after the operation is over. Not only that, this process enables the patient to eat and chew food after the dentist has finished his/her operation.

Teeth-in-an-hour is a special type of teeth implantation launched by Nobel Biocare. At present various dispensaries, dental clinics and tooth care centers has adopted this technology of implantation. The doctor makes a computer generated image of the mouth structure of the patient and also analyzes his/her gums from where the teeth are missing. Then dental implants together with ceramic crowns are fitted into the gums and the tooth is positioned in such a way so that it can fit precisely with the jaw bone. It’s just like an original set of teeth.

The entire process is totally scientific and approved by the scientists. In addition to all this things this is a less expensive method of getting tooth replacement when compared to the traditional methods of implantation that required months for the patient to get recovered. In just a single appointment with the dentist you can get it done. So get to smile and laugh and talk confidently with others through its help.



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