Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All Ceramic Crown VS Esthetic composite Restoration

All Ceramic Crowns and Esthetic composite are both dental restoration methods. Both are equally popular but they differ widely from each other. This article will give you a brief insight on both these methods.

An all-ceramic crown completely encircles or caps a tooth or a dental implant. Dental cement is used of bonding crown with the tooth.
Crowns not only impart strength to the fixed tooth but also it gives a pleasant appearance. Inlays, crown lays, porcelain veneers and various other varieties of crown can be made out of ceramic materials, also using CAD/CAM systems. The advantage of using ceramic crowns is that they are higly esthetic, durable and easy to maintain. Also, since these are made up of solid porcelain, their color matches the shade and color of the teeth.
These crowns are made up of either pressed ceramics or feldspathic porcelains. These restorations require wider shoulder margins and a small reduction across the chewing surface of the teeth. The major disadvantage of using ceramic crowns is that these involve risk of fracture. Also, it has been noticed in some cases that the patient who have ceramic crowns on their teeth grinds their teeth excessively.

On the other hand, Esthetic composite restorations are used as adhesives or restorative materials in dentistry. These are used in dentistry because these are insensitive to dehydration and are esthetic, inexpensive and insoluble. These can also be manipulated easily. These are commonly composed of Bis-GMA monomers, a photo initiator and a filler material like silica. The scientific knowledge and artistic ability produce strong, esthetic, and long-lasting restorations. However, this method too has some disadvantages. It is said that composite restoration causes craze lines, stains, dentin exposure, chips, cracks, surface defects, and developmental defects.

However, despite of their various shortcomings both these methods are widely used for dental restoration.

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