Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Biohorizons Laser Lok tapered implant

Just got back from the appointment with my first patient receiving a Laser lok Biohorizons Implant to a replace a 13 which had in place the decidous 53, so we made an extraction with imediate placing of the Laser lok 3.8 implant.
I choose the Laser lok in the case because of the gingival retraction the patient had, due to old habit of brushing too hard and the gingival results are great after implant placemente. The gingiva grew a bit, not much, but at least didn't retract anymore.
The implant was also choosed because of the orientation of the apex of the adjacent teeth, which didn't gave me space to place a external conical Biohorizons implant.

For now i'm very happy with Laser Lok, lets see how it osteointegrates...

I'll post the results when I have them



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