Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Biohorizons LaserLock Implant

Considering one of the main problems dental implanting is facing, crestal bone loss, that can be associated with a esthetically compromised result due to soft tissue recession, Biohorizons puts 15 years of study within top Universities to put an end to the question.

Carefully gathering data about the type of surfaces and their geometries, and the way soft and hard tissue would interact with them, LaserLock was designed and now is available to cosmetic dentistry all around the world. With tinniest microchanels laser created, clothing dental implant's collar, it improves the attachment of bone and tissue, promoting cell growing, and consequently minimizing bone loss.

It's in-vitro studies, based in the implanting of commercially-pure titanium and titanium alloy with computer assessment when it comes to it's micro geometries showed that particular size-geometry sizes would enhance the integration of bone and therefore would improve the relation between the implant and the mouth tissue. It's in-vivo studies, conducted on canine and rabits, surprisingly revealed how cells would grow surrounding this refined micro geometry implant. In fact, it's main advantage is to guide cell growth, managing to incredibly minimize fibrous encapsulation, and therefore creating healthier tissue around the implant.

At the clinical studies involving human patients at the time of the implanting and up to 37 months after it, main results revealed all it's advantages when it comes to crestal bone loss, resulting on a 30% less loss when compared to the control implant (0,54mm vs. 1,94mm), also no clinical difference was noticed between the comparison of results from mandible and maxilla, allowing it to be used indifferently on both locations.

Considering soft tissue complex and peri-implant bone, a prospective study is being conducted comparing Biohorizons LaserLock implant with Nobel-Biocare Select and 3i Osseotite® NT (Natural Taper) implants. At their post-op visits up to 36 months after the main restoration, soft tissue health, papilla height index, and the possible bone loss will be consciously analysed.


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