Saturday, June 28, 2008

Advantages of in-office whitening VS home whitening

Like any other cosmetic treatment which can be done at home also, Opalescence whitening system which can be used at home gets a professional finish if done at the clinic. This is because professionals can use the product to the best advantage and give the most benefits out of its use. Using it on your own will always be prone to some errors on your part, and this will not give you the best results. The same product will work better if used by those who are qualified and will give you a longer lasting and better effect.

This procedure takes just one and a half hours if done professionally. This is definitely worth your while especially when your have your looks and your teeth at stake. Sometimes there may be some other hidden problems with the teeth which a professional dentist can see and deal with better. It is always advantageous to have an expert deal with come issues and your teeth are one of them.

There are several other benefits of using Opalescence whitening system which can be fully utilized if the treatment is done thoroughly and by those who are competent at using it the right way. The Opalescence whitening system makes the teeth less sensitive to eating the wrong foods like sweets and ice creams and you will not have to worry about such foods destroying your teeth.
This also makes the outer covering of your teeth which is the enamel stronger and reduces the chances of getting cavities. You need not avoid foods which you love in order to protect your teeth if you use Opalescence whitening system. However, using it the proper way will give you the best benefits and this is only possible when a professionally qualified person does it for you.



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