Friday, May 30, 2008

Post-extraction dental implants

Dental implantation is a process in which the gums, roots, soft tissues are closely examined by the dentists and after that they fix up implants in the sockets to hold up the ceramic tooth.

But utmost care is taken so that the tooth can get fixed in the required place and the patient is given rest for a couple of months. If the patient lacks more teeth’s then they can opt for future implants after consulting with their dentists.

But here in this case those patients who are above 60 years of age are advised not to undergo subsequent implantation within a short time. This is because their gums, roots may not be that much capable to undergo further implants within a short time just after the first implant. However immediate post extraction dental implants are required to stop the ingrowths of the soft tissues and to give solidity to the previous implants.

Some of the most possible enquiries of patients to their dentists are about post-extraction dental implants. Many of these patients who have got a dental implantation some times ago opt for another implantation for another tooth in the post extraction period. However many dentists also prescribe such things for some type of patients. But not all patients are permitted to go for post-extraction dental implants.

This is because of the possible complications that may arise. Some of these are like it may cause infection around the root or may be an infection is already present previously in the root, the unimproved condition of the patient’s gums cannot undergo another implantation and last but not the least the rate of success in immediate dental implantation during the post extraction period is getting lesser day by day. Patients are thereby advised to consult few of the dental surgeons before undergoing immediate implants during the post extraction period.



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