Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Advantages of regular fillings VS ceramic fillings

Regular fillings or Amalgam is made up of silver, zinc, tin, copper and Mercury while ceramic fillings or composite resin is a mixture of fine glass and plastic. Many are cautious of Amalgam because of its Mercury content and are afraid of Mercury poisoning. Though Amalgam contains Mercury, the exposure we get from having an Amalgam filling is as little as what we get exposed of in our environment.

Regular fillings or Amalgam fillings is the least expensive of the different types of dental fillings available and they are relatively stronger compared to ceramic fillings. Because of its strength, this regular filling is used for the back teeth that we use for chewing. It can last 2 years more than ceramic fillings. Ceramic fillings also shrink and can cause further cavities and they stain easily too.

Amalgam is the most common fillings used for the back teeth only. They don’t match your teeth unlike ceramic fillings which is why using them on your front teeth is not advisable. If you wish to get an amalgam filling, it usually takes only 1 day for the dentist to finish it for you so you don’t need to use temporary filling while the real one is being completed.



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