Sunday, April 27, 2008

Postec posts for aesthetic restorations

Postec Posts have recently gained a lot of popularity among other methods used for root canal treatment and for aesthetic restorations. It is the most preferred method these days, especially considering many disadvantages of the other methods in practice.

The metal posts and the Ceramic posts when compared to Postec posts are not very safe. Metal posts and the Ceramic posts are comparatively harder and rigid in their structure. The natural tooth structure is delicate and flexible and the Ceramic posts and Metal posts in long run can harm the natural tooth structure and research has shown that it can also result in root fracture. The Postec posts from Ivoclair are elastic in nature and come close to dentin in characteristics. This elastic nature of Postec posts offers comfort and support to the root structure and hence minimizes the risk of hurting the root and helps prevent the severe damage conditions like root fracture.

Let’s look at some more advantages of Postec posts:

* Postec Posts is relatively very translucent. The material that is used in creating Postec posts includes glass fiber and also specially created composite matrix that gives it an overall very translucent look, thus highly preferred for aesthetic restoration procedures.

* It has an excellent radiopacity and comes close to metal posts with radiopacity of approximately 330% (for size 1) and about 510% (for size 2) respectively. This also implies that Postec posts will be distinctly visible on radiographs, despite the fact that they are not covered with a radiopaque luting material.

* The translucent quality of Postec posts also facilitates the use of both a dual-curing and self-curing composite for cementing.

* The Adhesive cementation process can be achieved in fewer numbers of steps if it is used in combination with high quality luting and build-up composites like Multilink and MultiCore. The clear application protocol facilitated by Postec posts also helps to produce effective and reproducible results.

* When compared to the traditional methods employed for aesthetic restorations and cemented posts in the root canal process, the Postec posts offer higher retention capacity. The posts cemented with adhesive can be retained for much longer time; one can safely say that the retention capacity is almost three to four times more than the conventionally cemented posts.

* Since the Postec posts are made up of glass fiber they are highly elastic in nature and hence the restorations that are attempted are gentle, easier and safer when compared to the Metal and Ceramic posts

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Perfect Smile Made Easy with Invisalign

Your smile can say a lot about who you are.

A beautiful smile can even make the people around you smile! It can also boost your self esteem and give you more confidence!Not everyone was blessed with a great smile, but thanks to the great advancements in cosmetic dentistry you can have the smile you've always dreamed of!

Many adults want and even need to get braces, but the idea of having those metal braces isn't very appealing. Metal braces are not only painful, everyone knows that you're wearing them.Invisalign is a revolutionary way to get the perfect smile without anyone ever knowing that you're wearing braces! There's no wires, brackets or bands that require lengthy visits to your dentist for adjustments.Metal braces need almost constant cleaning. Food gets stuck inside the brackets and there are many foods that you can't even eat if you have braces. And, the wires and brackets also cause mouth irritation that can be very painful. With Invisalign you can still eat anything you want.

You don't even have to change your brushing and flossing routine, you just remove them and perform your dental hygiene as you normally would.There are now many orthodontists that are specially trained in fitting patients with Invisalign braces. On your first visit, you and your orthodontist will decide exactly what you want to accomplish and what needs to be corrected.He will then take precise measurements and include the exact instructions in placing the order for Invisalign. They are manufactured to exact specifics using advanced 3D imaging with the newest technology.

Depending on the amount of corrections needed, you will be given either 12 or 48 aligners. Each of these aligners will need to be worn for two week periods during which your teeth are straightened a little more each time.There may be some temporary discomfort when you first start using each new aligner. This is only normal, as they are gradually forcing your teeth into the correct alignment.Invisalign braces are made to be worn all the time, the only time you will need to remove them is when you're eating or brushing and flossing.

Invisalign gives you an invisible way to finally have that perfect smile!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cosmetic fillings

Cosmetic fillings have been around for a number of years now and are a widely accepted part of dentistry. They are used primarily for repairs to teeth with cavities. The procedure involves the dentist cleaning the cavity and filling it with a particular filling. The material used in fillings has changed over the years from silver and gold colored fillings to the aesthetically pleasing porcelain filling. With cosmetic fillings the appearance of the teeth after a filling is usually similar in color to the rest of the teeth around it, so they match the tooth’s enamel. That is what these kinds of fillings bring to dentistry.

Cosmetic fillings are usually of three types,


Porcelain or ceramic filling are made of some mixture of ceramic, glass powder, and porcelain. These kinds of filling as often used as crowns, inlays and onlays, and also veneers. They are also much more resistant to staining that any other type of filling and are easily molded to match your teeth’s color. They are much more long-lasting than other types of filling but are also prone to fracture when stressed. Porcelain fillings are generally much more costly than other forms of fillings.

Composite fillings

This kind of filling is a combination of resins and other small particles that are mixed in a manner so as to capture the teeth’s natural color. This type of filling is not very as long-lasting as Porcelain, it is however much less costly and just as aesthetically pleasing. They are however not ideal for large cavities.


Similar to composite fillings in the way they are made, Ionomers are usually used to do fillings that are close to the gumline.

It is important that to note that the type of cosmetic filling to be used on any patient will be determined by factors such as dental and general health, the types of materials used in a particular filling, and the amount of chewing that will be experienced. You are therefore advised to consult with your dentist in determining which of the different Cosmetic fillings is the best choice for you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cosmetic Dentistry - Da Vinci Veneers™

Da Vinci Veneers™ are the industry leader and offer veneers that are able to mask stains and improve your smile. They are highly resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea and even cigarette smoking. The veneers themselves are wafer thin ceramic material that are bonded to your teeth to form a sort of protective layer that will not only protect your teeth but drastically improve the way you look.

How does it work?
The entire process is usually done in three steps; diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation and bonding.

Diagnosis and treatment planning is where you decide how you want your smile to be when the veneers are fitted. It is a consultation period that allows you to discuss with your dentist what you want done and where you can find out what can be done and also what is possible and affordable.

Preparation is your first practical appointment where you will have your teeth very slightly “buffed” in order to make room for the Da Vinci Veneers™. Usually it’s only a small amount of the tooth that is removed, around half a millimeter and it can require a local anesthetic. Also at this appointment you will have a mold taken of your teeth in order for the veneers to be properly fitted. Sometimes you can be fitted with a “temporary smile” while you wait for your veneers to be made. This appointment usually takes a few hours.

Bonding of your Da Vinci Veneers™ takes around the same time as the preparation appointment (one or two hours) and this is where your dentist will fit your veneers. They will apply your Da Vinci Veneers™ by cleaning your teeth with special dental cleansers to achieve a permanent bond. Then special cements are placed between the veneer and tooth and you’re done.

Da Vinci Veneers™ are a popular way to improve your smile and the Da Vinci Group has been perfecting their work for over two decades so you can be sure they know what they are doing. They are frequently talked about at the Tv show Extreme MakeOver so they must be really good.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Britesmile whitening system

Want to know the new secret to sparkling teeth for a beautiful smile?
Then get the innovative Britesmile whitening system for teeth that shine white and whiter! Britesmile whitening system is a terrific innovation for teeth whitening.
Customers are welcome to get their teeth whitened professionally and affordably in a relaxed, massage-like ambience where maximum comfort and minimum hassle is the rule.

It is everyone’s goal to look beautiful, and Britesmile whitening system helps you get the white teeth for a winning smile that will turn heads in awe. And this easy Britesmile whitening technique is definitely heaven compared what you find in the scary dentist’s chair! Britesmile assures you that once you check it out, you will not go back to any other whitening treatment.

The procedure is simple and you never notice that you are actually getting some treatment on your teeth! When you visit a Britesmile center, a specially designed whitening gel is applied gently on your teeth, and this is exposed to a bluish light. This process is repeated twice with an accelerator, after which you can go home with sparkling white teeth! And during the 60 minute process, you can actually chat over the internet or listen to songs! What’s more, you get stunning before and after photos of your teeth to remind you and tell others of your smart decision.

The special formulation ensures that he process remains safe with no harmful after-effects. The bleaching is done in hygienic conditions, with the best facilities for the customer. A few minutes at the Britesmile center and you have white, shining teeth for years of smiling! This efficient procedure is performed by trained dental professionals who care for your comfort. Forget the sensitive tooth syndrome that you get with other bleaching procedures. Forget the harsh hydrogen peroxide; Britesmile uses only 15% of this compound in the bleaching gel. There is hardly any uncomfortable tooth sensitivity with Britesmile. And yes, the gel is totally safe on your gums and tongue, so no harm to the softer tissue. The cool blue light is Britesmile is efficient, but is gentle on your teeth. There isn’t any heat or radiation to worry about. Also, the LED light covers your teeth uniformly, so you get all-round white teeth.

There are several Britesmile centers across the United States where customers can get their teeth bleached by highly qualified professionals. You have the Denver, Beverley Hills, California, Dallas and other Britesmile centers for excellent teeth whitening procedures. If you were looking at Hollywood celebrities flashing their oh-so-beautiful smile at the paparazzi, then you know their secret now!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cerec ceramic veneers and crowns

In this video you can see and hear a explanation about CEREC, which is a restoration system that is being much talked now.
The advantages of using CEREC one-visit veneers, crowns or onlays is that your teeth can be restored with precision and the most tooth like appearance and material properties.
So you just take one shot and you just have to skip one afternoon to work.
Pretty cool huh?